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Meet Our Team

Steven Hawes

Chief Executive Officer

Steven is the Chief Executive Officer of EDP. His core responsibility is developing strategies for, and overseeing the operations of our Reporting, Advisory and Management & Administration divisions.

He also acts as a specialist advisor in the fields of Economic Development, Community Operations and B-BBEE.

Steven is an economist by training and has a particular focus on the catalysing effects of large-scale infrastructure development projects on industrial and community development in the developing world.

Jon Mulcahy

Chief Operations Officer

Jon is the Chief Operations Officer at EDP. He is responsible for the operations of the EDP group companies. Jon is an attorney and provides advice on structuring, strategy and compliance for Economic Development. He oversees the execution of Trust Management, Community Development and Creating Shared Value services.

Jon focusses on commercial sustainability as a driver of long-term economic development.

Joshua Goldin

Head of Reporting

Joshua is the Head of Reporting at EDP, being involved primarily in managing the Economic Development Reporting Unit. This involves the compilation of ED Reports that are sent to the IPP Office every quarter. He has also been involved in bidding projects in the IPP Programme.

Prior to joining EDP Joshua was a researcher at the Financial and Fiscal Commission. His research focus was primarily on Education, Health and Housing.

He has a Masters Degree in Economic Science from the University of the Witwatersrand. Joshua is interested in data management and manipulation and creating models to better formulate and understand the implications contained in the data. He is also interested in the developmental impacts of the REIPPP Programme on people and businesses.

Maloba Tshehla

Head of Strategy and Growth

Maloba is the Head of Strategy and Growth at ED Platform. He is responsible for managing inter-team collaborations to improve the business' value offering and efficiency, as well as driving strategy to ensure successful growth in current and new markets. Maloba is also charged with fostering innovation across the company's units, as well as ensuring optimal team performance.

Maloba has broad experience in: green economy policy, renewable energy - both utility scale and embedded generation, clean-technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining ED Platform, Maloba was responsible for driving the technical aspects of incubation support for clean-tech entrepreneurs at The Innovation Hub, while also giving technical support to Gauteng Provincial government clean energy initiatives.

Maloba is a Chemical engineer by training and also holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Development, with a focus on renewable energy. He is keenly interested in what sustainable development truly looks like on the African continent.

Danielle Harding

Senior Consultant

Danielle has several years’ experience in consulting on the Economic Development components of the South African REIPPPP. She has advised on bids and has provided reporting and advisory services to IPP’s in construction and operations.

Additionally, she has been responsible for ensuring the efficient management and administration of the socio-economic development (SED) and enterprise development (ED) obligations of selected IPP’s. She has provided project management, stakeholder engagements, research and conceptualisation, implementation and monitoring SED and ED projects that respond to identified needs and opportunities in communities. Danielle has a Masters in Global Environmental Policy Development.

Sam Levinsohn

Legal Consultant

(LLB & BAHons – English Literature)

Expertise: Legal (Corporate and Commercial law, M & A, B-BBEE Transactions and Economic Development related work)

Years of experience: 12 years

In her own words: The renewable energy sector has gained strong momentum in recent years. Utilising my skills in an environment that is singularly concerned with increasing access to clean, innovative and sustainable energy sources which have the capacity to provide new revenues to households and communities, by eventually replacing climate-destabilising fossil fuels represents the pinnacle of my legal career. Our initiatives and those of our clients are making a difference to changing lives and creating a sustainable future for my child and generations to come. Clean energy and economic development are an engine for poverty reduction, climate change mitigation, social progress, food security, health, innovation, economic growth, education and environmental sustainability. This has never been more critical or more relevant, and the future is bright!

Mark Smith



Expertise: Operational and Strategic Finance, Renewable and Thermal Energy

Years of experience: 10 years

In his own words: My focus and experience is centred around the future energy mix. While this is primarily focused on the commercial proposition of projects, it highlights the importance of ensuring economic development, social and economic inclusion together with cross spectrum participation that are corner stones and key components in ensuring a sustainable, prosperous and just energy future.

Kim Adonis


(MCom – Economics)

Expertise: Economic modelling

Years of experience: 15 years

In her own words: I am passionate about creating catalytic change and shaping a sustainable society. I am fulfilled when using my quantitative expertise and multi-sector experience to assist clients with making decisions that are rooted in evidence and rigor.

Paul Jackson


(Masters in Urban Governance for Development)

Expertise: Diagnostic research and solution design on public policy and economic development programmes - specialised in development finance and private sector development.

Years of experience: 18 years

In his own words: I believe that markets should function for the benefit of all players, and that any government intervention should prioritise improving the life chances of poor people, and avoid unsustainable, market-distorting action

Keneilwe Mohlala



Expertise: Management Consulting

Years of experience: 4 years

In her own words: Economic Development remains a key area of interest in a country where the distribution of wealth is topical due to the high gini coefficient. Energy, and more specifically clean energy, will be a key driver of growth in the foreseeable future. As an economist by training, my goal is to positively and sustainably influence the distribution of wealth in high growth areas such as clean energy.

Brendon Martens


(Masters in Economics)

Expertise: Integrated Socio-Economic Programme Design and Implementation

Years of experience: 8 years

In his own words: As we transition away from fossil fuel-based energy systems, we have the opportunity to use this disruption and change to re-create the economic landscape. Where the previous energy-industrial complex may have been exclusionary and resulted in unintended harmful consequences (be they social, environmental, or economic), we can use this transition to correct for this and create a more equitable and just economy. The integration of Economic Development principles into these clean energy developments forms an integral part of a Just Transition to a more just economy and society.

Nompumelelo Skosana

Project Analyst

Nompumelelo is a project analyst in the EDP reporting unit, her role primarily involves liaising with clients for the collection and interpretation of data to compile the ED reports sent to the IPP office.

Prior to joining ED Platform, Nompumelelo worked on various Enterprise Development programmes, where her spark for economic transformation and economic development was ignited. She has a Bachelor of Business Science Degree, Majoring in Economics and Business Management from Monash University.

Nompumelelo is very passionate about empowering small businesses primarily in rural areas; she strongly believes that economic development will be achieved through the development of these small business, leading to job creation and poverty alleviation in these communities.

Tuso Nyakudarika

Project Analyst

Tuso’s role primarily involves liaising with clients for the collection and interpretation of data to compile ED reports sent to the IPP office.

He majored in Economics and Finance at the University of Cape Town. During his studies, he was exposed to the stark economic reality of South Africa and how vital it is to create and support sustainable industries that can lead to economic development.

He has a specific interest in big data and how it can be leveraged to guide economic policy, which he believes will become vital in the fourth industrial revolution.

Delmarie Wolmarans

Financial Controller

Delmarie is the Financial Controller at EDP, being involved in the day to day management and structuring of all accounting related functions in the company.

Prior to joining EDP Delmarie was involved in Project Management & Operational Management. Delmarie has over 13 years’ experience in the Financial and Administrative functions of a company.

Delmarie is interested in Financial Management of the company.

Rashmika Sewpersad

Trust Administrator

Rashmika is appointed as a Trust Administrator for ED Platform. Her position is to administer and manage Trusts in the renewable and mining sectors.

With over 15 years of experience prior to joining ED Platform, she has worked at various Fiduciary Institutions as a Trust Officer. She has a certificate in Wills and Estate Planning and was a member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (FISA). She dealt with various types of Trusts and she used to oversee 60 Trusts in her portfolio. This involved dealing with the day to day running of Trusts, setting up meetings as well as drafting legal documents.

She is interested in the Community Development Trusts and being a part of making a difference in these communities.

Raquel Townsend

Financial Administrator and Office Manager

Raquel performs the role of the Financial Administrator and Office Manager. With strong financial skills she assists the financial controller with the daily bookkeeping functions and financial administration. Raquel has 20 years’ experience in bookkeeping and administration

Joyce Lekalakala

Office Assistant

Joyce is an Office Assistant at EDP, being involved in general office administration including controlling the switchboard, filling, disposing of confidential information, arranging and scheduling meetings and general office co-ordination.

Joyce obtained her National Senior Certificate (Matric) in 2002 and has attended at the PC Training and business College in 2004 where she obtained a National Certificate in Office Management & Technology (NQF4).

Joyce is an avid sportswoman and enjoys participating in football and running.

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